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  • Guangzhou FC Display Furniture Factory Website on the line!
  • Leather goods store and exhibition hall design common elements
  • Optical shop decoration points
  • Consumers in the choice of custom showcase manufacturers need to pay attention
  • Product display cabinet planning and decoration is one of the key to the success of the shop
  • Glasses showcase is how to make?
  • Optical shop how to display can better enhance sales
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 1、Super clear tempered glass

  Super clear glass, also known as colorless glass, high transparent glass, low iron glass, is the most high-end glass products, with high transmittance, high transparency, crystal products, elegant, glass family "Crystal Prince" Said. Tempered glass / Reinforced glass belongs to safety glass. In fact, the use of chemical or physical methods, the formation of compressive stress on the glass surface, the glass bear the external force when the first to offset the surface stress, thereby enhancing the carrying capacity, enhance the glass self-resistance Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on. The advantages of tempered glass, the first is the strength than ordinary glass to improve several times, bending. The second is the use of safety, its increased carrying capacity to improve the fragile nature, even if the tempered glass is also no small angle of the small pieces of debris, the damage to the human body greatly reduced.Thening glass quenching and astringent nature than ordinary glass There are 3 to 5 times the increase, generally can withstand more than 250 degrees of temperature changes, to prevent the thermal cracking has a significant effect.

 2、lamps and lanterns

   Fangcheng Furniture long-term and domestic well-known three-star LED lighting brand cooperation, comparable to the natural light LED lamps, luminous uniform, high color, energy saving, with 3 C certification, EMC, CE, VD and ISO9001 and many other international certification.

 3、water-based paint

   Most of the interior decoration pollution comes from the wood used in the decoration and furnishings, wood lacquers, adhesives. The traditional use of oily wood paint, adhesives, thinner contains a lot of formaldehyde, benzene (benzene, toluene, xylene), VOC, TDI and heavy metals and other harmful substances. These harmful substances exist for a long time in the wood and furniture inside, slowly distributed, after several years are difficult to all loose, causing great harm to the human body. Indoor pollution has made our country s leukemia, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, rapid increase in the health of women and children caused by greater impact. Although the state of environmental protection, health more and more attention, but also the development of a number of laws and regulations, but due to the lack of enforcement and supervision and business interests driven, oily paint, adhesives and some substandard products are still popular. But we believe that with the economic development and laws and regulations to further improve the regulatory efforts to enhance the environmental protection of new technologies, more and more applications of new products, this situation will be changed. Haigu has been sparing no effort to speed up this change, quietly work, and constantly struggling with.

   After years of research and innovation, Haigong has raised the performance of waterborne wood lacquer products to an unprecedented level, which will bring immeasurable effects to the coatings industry over the past century from the third revolution of oily coatings to over-waterborne coatings. Hai Du has a full range of wood furniture, water-based paint, performance has gone beyond the traditional oily paint, whether it is color, film hardness, fullness, brightness, resistance to physical and chemical erosion, are in the leading position, is a very small number of the United States Furniture industry resistance to 16 kinds of chemical testing of wood products. And completely non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, that is, that is to live.

 product list:

   △water-based primer series                                   
HP-104 anti-rose primer
◆ HP-105 oil seal primer
◆ HP-103 Fill Primer
◆ HP-123 all-purpose primer
◆ HP-132 polished primer
◆ HP-156 white paint primer
◆ HP-157 white oil seal primer         
water-based paint series
◆Everest snow white paint
◆ magic color paint series
△water-based cover light finish series
◆T-2130 smooth single-component bright finish
◆ HT-2132 smooth single-component matte finish
◆ HT-2135 smooth single-component semi-matte finish
◆ HT-2235 smooth two-component semi-matte finish

△furniture coating and renovation of water-based wood paint series


   Showcase production often used in the rails and hinges are particularly well-known domestic star emblem brand. In addition, we also specially customized high-grade durable, accurate size, solid material, bright color, to meet the different functions and decoration requirements, all strictly follow the international standards, after repeated acid and alkali, corrosion test, to ensure long-term durability , Safety is not deformed.


   The cabinet is made of environmentally friendly high quality MDF or solid wood, and the wood is first dried and stored to eliminate mold, deformation, no water and corrosion resistance, formaldehyde emission MG / G <1.5, more environmentally friendly and safer.

 6、Corian artificial stone

 Corian resistant sheet unique advantages, specifically listed as follows:
    · Durable, long-term use can still ensure bright as new
    Easy to clean
    High density and no holes, no pollution, clean
    · UV protection, not yellowing
    · Heat, crash, not easy to crack
    · Easy to repair, leaving no trace
    · Each color sheet is in compliance with the NSF (National Health Foundation) standard, proving direct contact with food
    · Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, in line with international GREENGUARD standards
    · With the same color glue connection, so that seamless effect, beautiful health
    · Colorful fashion, rich choice
    · Wide range of applications, such as cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, windowsill, wall, wall waist, etc., with all kinds of design
    · Made, can be heated to cause different shapes or curvatures to cause furniture, etc., or with other designs
    Made in the United States, the quality of materials and manufacturing technology, process, advanced, strict, superior
    · Ten years product warranty

    High - quality professional after - sales service

 Other raw materials

Fireproof board

Black painted iron tube





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